HQ Living Carpet Pad is the premium carpet underlayment that delivers exceptional cushioning, waterproofing and acoustic protection. It’s ecofriendly and engineered to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. With HQ Living Carpet Pad, your carpets will last longer, and your pets and children will enjoy a safer, cleaner and quieter space for years to come.

The HQ Living Difference

HQ Living Carpet Pad built its reputation as a premium carpet underlayment through its waterproof material and air channel technology. Working together, the polyethylene foam resists water absorption while the air channels encourage fresh air to circulate, keeping water and moisture vapor from getting trapped and taking up residence. What our carpet pad does absorb is sound: HQ Living has the highest rated sound reduction of any foam carpet cushion. So, come discover what makes HQ Living the best carpet pad on the market. Your carpets will thank you.



  • Cushion is comprised of polyethylene foam, which naturally repels water
  • Spills do not penetrate the cushion, making for easy cleanup
  • Does not act like a sponge and will not hold onto moisture, which can stain carpets over time


  • Infused with antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria
  • Family and pet safe, hypoallergenic
  • CRI Green Label Plus-certified for indoor air quality

Air Channels

  • Keeps subfloors dry and carpets fresh
  • Air channels embossed on the underside ensure a constant exchange of air, eliminating water and moisture vapor
  • Extends the life of carpets

Comfort & Support

  • Luxurious yet shock-absorbing cushion is easy on feet and joints
  • Insulates home for better energy efficiency
  • Advanced technology resists depressions from crushing and matting


  • Superior sound reduction for a quieter home
  • The highest rated sound reduction for any foam carpet cushion; IIC 93dB*
  • Helps to prevent impact noise from reaching floors below

Easy to Cut

  • Lays Flat with Little Effort
  • Polyethylene Foam Easily Cuts with Box Cutter
  • Makes for Quick and Easy Installation